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Podcast Features Elisa Lyle

Off the Podium

Expect the unexpected in this episode of Off the Podium, with Maestro Richard Prior and principal flute, Elisa Lyle.  Elisa is an original member of the LSO. That means she has been with us, ever since the very first concert on January 14, 1990! She was Elisa Skelton then, and we are so pleased to still have her as a member of our family in 2020.  How did she choose to play the flute?  Does she play any other instruments?  Find out within the context of this wonderful episode.  She also discusses her philosophy and great appreciation of teachers.  Listen-in on this conversation!  You can also check out this post about Elisa’s solo performance from a 2019 LSO concert.

In this Episode:

Featured guest is Elisa Lyle, principal flute in the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra.  Off the Podium is a series of podcasts that feature casual conversations between Maestro Richard Prior and one guest.  These have helped turn on a small light for us, to see into the lives of some of our LSO family.   This is an opportune time to do this type of content since it is all done electronically.  Social distancing doesn’t mean we need to stop communicating, and if not for this series, you may not ever have the occasion to get to know some of the guests.  Please enjoy this latest episode featuring the delightful Elisa Lyle!

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