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Mozart Requiem in D minor to air this week

Mozart Requiem in D minor

Tune-in Thursday, April 8th, 8:00 PM on WELR Eagle 102.3 FM for a special Easter season broadcast of Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, on the radio show “The Joy of the Orchestra with the LaGrange Symphony’s Richard Prior.”   A requiem is intended to be a musical gathering or service performed as a remembrance or memorial.  It’s meant to soothe the living soul with quiet beauty, ask for eternal rest for the deceased, and bring about personal renewal.  During this episode, you will enjoy the Choir of Westminster Cathedral, and the Academy of Ancient Music perform Mozart’s Requiem in D minor.  This performance is conducted by Christopher Hogwood.

It was back in March of 2018 when the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra performed this work on the stage of Callaway Auditorium.  The evening’s performance was entitled “Embrace Life”.  The overall impact was thought-provoking with notes of repentance, commemoration, selflessness and optimism.  Spring is a time of renewal, and a Requiem reminds us not to waste any time in hibernation.  Life is short, embrace it.

The program notes were definitive in 2018, demystifying the lore surrounding the Mozart Requiem in D minor.  In a nutshell, it comes down to talent and money – and the problem of having one or the other, but not both. In summary, Count Walsegg commissioned this work from Mozart, which he, the Count, probably intended to pass off as his own as there were contractual stipulations that Mozart could neither copy the score nor reveal his authorship.  Mozart, who was low on funds, accepted the agreement, but happened to die the same night that several friends witnessed the Requiem was not finished. Without a finished work, Mozart’s widow would have to repay the front money. Hoping none of the friends would talk, she quickly found a student (with compositional promise and similar handwriting) to anonymously finish the Requiem, which she then submitted for final payment.

We hope you are enjoying this wonderful Easter season with its glorious weather.  An evening of beautiful music with the Mozart Requiem in D minor is a perfect match with spring – in full swing.

Specifics about the Series

Beginning March 18th, the show entitled The Joy of the Orchestra airs on Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on WELR (Eagle 102.3 FM).  We are excited to offer this new series and share The Joy of the Orchestra with you once again. This series will run from March 18th thru May 6th, 2021.  Accessing the radio station is exactly the same as in the fall.  The only difference is the day and time of the shows.  If you want to listen online, there is a handy button on the home page of our website.

This show airs every Thursday until May 6th 2021.

How to Participate

Listen with a radio or online Thursdays at 8:00 PM.  The station is WELR (Eagle 102.3 FM).  On your radio, simply tune to that frequency of 102.3 FM.  If you want to listen online (with your computer or smart device) this station can be accessed HERE, or via a handy button on the LaGrange Symphony’s website homepage (  This button is gold in color and says “LISTEN LIVE HERE”.  Read more about our 2020-2021 Season HERE.

About the weekly radio show

The Joy of the Orchestra is a weekly, one-hour radio show hosted by the LaGrange Symphony’s Richard Prior.  Just like the previous series, which aired this past fall, this new spring radio series will feature an exciting array of orchestral music. Maestro Prior will give insights into the selections which include historical background, musical nuances and other elements for which to listen. With an even deeper and richer understanding of the music, you will experience and enjoy these works in a whole new light! This show will focus on live recordings from LSO concerts as well as performances by other notable orchestras.

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