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Each year the YAC contestants perform before nationally and internationally recognized judges. This year’s competition was for piano and the first place winner will perform with the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra on March 19th during their INSPIRE concert.

The symphonic highlight of this concert will be a beautiful symphony completed in 1934 by African American composer William Dawson (1899-1990), an Alabama native who attended Tuskegee Institute. After completing a master’s degree from the Ameri…

See a video snippet from this concert along with reading all about this joyful event with full stage and full house!
Get ready for some wonderful holiday entertainment on Tuesday December 12th at 7:30 PM in Callaway Auditorium with the JOLLY JINGLES Family Holiday Celebration Concert.
From beginning to end, this was a wonderful concert! The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra rode into this concert at full gallop and with full western spirit. The American sound is expansive, energetic, and rhythmic and the LSO brought it! This was a rousing rendition of Aaron Copeland’s Hoe-Down from Rodeo.
With everything aglow, the music will transport you into the unique Regency Era and straight to the middle of London where it all happens. The repertoire is music from the award-winning Netflix® series Bridgerton!
A world tour celebrating vibrant musical countries and their wonderful cultural identities. Performance begins at 7:30 PM, at Callaway Auditorium in LaGrange, GA.
This was a full evening of entertainment. The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra delivered one iconic piece after another, with total precision. In seeing this music performed live, you realize how incredible the compositions really are.

Join us for a program that celebrates music of the silver screen, and works that have influenced or been influenced by the powerful scores that are now central to the American global cultural canon.

Read it online, download and/or print your own version. The 2023/2024 LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s beautiful new brochure is here.

My Favorite Things is an enchanting luncheon fund-raising event supporting youth music education programs of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra.

Check out the 2023 / 2024 Season overview!

We are delighted to announce AUDITIONS ahead of our 2023-24 Season. Date is Saturday, August 20, 2023 and times begin at 1:30 pm in Callaway Auditorium. Register now. See post for pertinent links.

The May 2023 LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra and String Ensemble Spring concert was a wonderful program full of impressive talent. From beginning to end, the program was very professional. Thought and care went into this concert.
Spring Concert featuring the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra and String Ensemble Monday 5/8/23 at 7PM in Callaway Auditorium. Admission is FREE.
The programming, the delivery, the reaction with two standing ovations - all were fantastic. This season finale concert of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will be remembered, there's no doubt about that.

His life story has many similarities to Camille Saint-Saëns, another composer featured in the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s SUSTAINABILITY concert to be held April 25th, 2023 at 7PM in Callaway Auditorium, LaGrange, GA.

This LSO concert, conducted by Maestro Richard Prior, will be the orchestra’s season finale, and will end a fantastic season in a big way. Plan to attend! This concert boasts two guest artists!
The LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra and String Ensemble will present their Spring Concert on Monday, May 8th, 2023 in Callaway Auditorium, LaGrange, GA. Admission is free.


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Expect the unexpected in this episode of Off the Podium, with Maestro Richard Prior and principal flute, Elisa Lyle.  Elisa is an original member of the LSO, ever since the very first concert on January 14, 1990. She was Elisa Skelton t

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