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LSO 2023-2024 season
LSO-2023-2024 season
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The LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Michael Giel, during their annual side-by-side with the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra. 3/19/2024 Alan Lee Silva’s “The Code”.

A remarkably good concert. Graduating seniors honored. Great professionalism in such young musicians in both the String Ensemble and the LSYO.

An evening worth more than words can say. Champion role modelling, mentoring, lifelong learning, new discoveries, and a great deal of inspiration – a truly harmonious event!

The mission of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra is to enrich our community through music, connecting with audiences, creating memorable experiences, education programs and performance opportunities. The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra fulfills this mission when it provides cultural experiences, educational programs and performance opportunities.


Present engaging and creative performances of the highest caliber thereby defining its role in the community and the broader region as a leader in the Arts.
Develop, engage, expand and collaborate with audiences and various interest groups, including musicians, youth, parents, schools, current and potential symphony attendees, and others who benefit by providing quality music
Inspire and engage the entire community, as well as to establish lifelong learning through exposure to symphonic music by providing, creating, and producing multiple programs that educate students and adults alike.
Manage the resource base available so that the quality of the Symphony and its programs ensure that the Orchestra shall be shared by all future generations.
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