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Concert Reviews

Travel with the LSO
Passports, Please! – October 24, 2023
From beginning to end, this was a wonderful concert! The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra rode into this concert at full gallop and with full western spirit. The American sound is expansive, energetic, and rhythmic and the LSO brought it! This was a rousing rendition of Aaron Copeland’s Hoe-Down from Rodeo.
Standing Ovations
SUSTAINABILITY – April 25, 2023
The programming, the delivery, the reaction with two standing ovations - all were fantastic. This season finale concert of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will be remembered, there's no doubt about that.
LSO Facebook 2022-23-March-review
EDUCATION – March 21, 2023

Played with confidence and flair, these pieces really were larger-than-life and inspirational. The audience wanted more, which I believe is the point of the Education program.

September 20 2023
ARTISTRY – September 20, 2022

Dedicated to Clark Johnson, the LSO 2022/23 season opening concert, ARTISTRY, is “Grand” with wonderful unadvertised additions to the concert program and a guest artist encore!

Symphonic Legacy
Symphonic Legacy – March 15, 2022

Throughout this Symphonic Legacy concert, there was a sense of connection between audience and musician. Technically, this was a high-ranking performance and was brilliantly combined with personal insight, and an easy-going atmosphere.  Loved it.

Colors & Contrasts
Colors & Contrasts – November 9, 2021
With the opening phrases of Mendelssohn's String Symphony No. 1 in C Major, the audience was captivated. Concert featured Dania Lane, harp and Richard Prior, composer.
Reflection & Perfection
Reflection & Perfection – October 12, 2021

The Reflection & Perfection concert on Tuesday night, was the LSO’s first public live performance in over a year.  It was a total delight to experience. The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra went the extra mile to provide a wonderful evening of music in a safe way.  Music in the Sanctuary, is a fall 2021 concert series held …

Celebration & Surprise
Celebration & Surprise – YouTube September 28, 2021

The first concert of the “Music in the Sanctuary” fall 2021 series is actually a virtual audio/visual concert.  Entitled, Celebration & Surprise, this first concert back from the COVID-19 lockdown was decided to be best attended virtually…

December 2019
Sounds of Peace – December 10, 2019
A PATRON COMMENTED THIS CONCERT AS BEING, “THE VERY BEST CHRISTMAS CONCERT YET!!”  OTHERS WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH THEM. Friends and family gathered for the LSO holiday concert, Sounds of Peace, with smiles, hugs, and happy chatter. The lobby had a special delight as “The Soundpost,” a group formed by members of the LSYO, under the direction of Celeste Myall, serenaded the Patrons with pre-concert holiday classics. They warmed hearts as everyone came in from the cold. This was an extra-touch that greatly added to the holiday atmosphere. The excitement of a sold-out house paired with the wonderful program line-up was clear throughout the auditorium.  The buzz of happy conversation gave way to anticipatory quiet within an instant, as the concert was about to start.
October 2019
Sounds of Dance October 29, 2019
The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s 30th Anniversary celebration continued through this concert, as president Kaye Lanning Minchew paid tribute to the musicians that played in the very first LSO concert, 30 years ago.  Several members of that original orchestra were in attendance and were individually recognized.
September 2019
Sounds of Drama – September 24, 2019
Spellbinding! Thirty years and counting!  The LSO 2019/20 season opened to a full house September 24, 2019, with the traditional, vibrant rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.  The Sounds of Drama concert was a salute to LaGrange College and their close relationship to the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra.  LSO Executive Director, Raylene Carter, explained in her concert comments that the origin of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra is attributed to three men: Dr. Harry Kruger, conductor emeritus of the Columbus Symphony, Dr. David Naglee, LaGrange College professor, and Dr. Walter Y. Murphy, then President of LaGrange College.  She went on to describe the immeasurable support that the College has given the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra during these past thirty years. This support continues today with Dr. Dan McAlexander, current LaGrange College president.  The LSO gratefully acknowledges and appreciates LaGrange College.  We look forward to the next 30 years.
Planets LSO
The Planets – April 23, 2019
A grand finale concert brings with it an expectation of “that little something extra,” which can’t easily be described. Tuesday’s concert of Holst’s The Planets, by the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, was special in that sense. The way I would attempt to illustrate this indescribable “something extra”, comes actually from the audience. This diverse combination of students, families, out-of-town guests, first-timers, and seasoned classical enthusiasts had their entire attention on what the stage was producing. Not just listening, but immersed in each moment. When you have around 500 people in one room, and you can audibly experience silence when the music uses it, or the whisper of the faintest pianissimo...
LSO Mozart
An Evening of Mozart – March 19, 2019
A MUCH LOVED – CLASSIC EVENT “I couldn’t miss this [concert], Mozart is my absolute favorite composer.” The evening of Mozart began with two additional pieces added to the program for the annual “side-by-side.”  This is the time of year, when members of the Youth Orchestra (LSYO) are paired with professional musicians.  They physically sit beside them, play the same music, and react to the same cues from the conductor.  This has proven to be a very valuable learning experience for the students.  At this concert, we had the LSYO string sections. The full Youth Orchestra with strings, wind, brass, and percussion, will perform their spring concert Tuesday, March 26th, 7:00 PM at Callaway Auditorium.