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Concert Reviews

Planets LSO
The Planets – April 23, 2019
A grand finale concert brings with it an expectation of “that little something extra,” which can’t easily be described. Tuesday’s concert of Holst’s The Planets, by the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, was special in that sense. The way I would attempt to illustrate this indescribable “something extra”, comes actually from the audience. This diverse combination of students, families, out-of-town guests, first-timers, and seasoned classical enthusiasts had their entire attention on what the stage was producing. Not just listening, but immersed in each moment. When you have around 500 people in one room, and you can audibly experience silence when the music uses it, or the whisper of the faintest pianissimo...
LSO Mozart
An Evening of Mozart – March 19, 2019
A MUCH LOVED – CLASSIC EVENT “I couldn’t miss this [concert], Mozart is my absolute favorite composer.” The evening of Mozart began with two additional pieces added to the program for the annual “side-by-side.”  This is the time of year, when members of the Youth Orchestra (LSYO) are paired with professional musicians.  They physically sit beside them, play the same music, and react to the same cues from the conductor.  This has proven to be a very valuable learning experience for the students.  At this concert, we had the LSYO string sections. The full Youth Orchestra with strings, wind, brass, and percussion, will perform their spring concert Tuesday, March 26th, 7:00 PM at Callaway Auditorium.
LSO Holiday Concert
A Holiday Concert – December 11, 2018
The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s holiday concert drew a full house on a very chilly winter night on Tuesday December 11th.  Smiles were plentiful as Patrons came out of the cold into a warm and inviting lobby that was buzzing with chatter, greetings, hugs and laughter.  Filled with long-time friends, new acquaintances, and loving families, this was truly a holiday gathering rich with kindness, affection and good will.
Women in Music – October 30, 2018
HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT MUSIC The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s artistic direction has brought about a wonderful concert full of historically important music that was totally new to most listeners and musicians alike. The October 30th concert entitled “Women in Music” uplifted three fantastically talented composers and put each one in the spotlight they so deserved. Fanny Mendelssohn, Lili Boulanger, and Florence Price works were featured. Although each composer has now passed on, their contribution to the musical world remains an important asset to be cherished. Through the efforts of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, new appreciation for these works has come about. Music director, Dr. Richard Prior, put together
The Beginning – September 25, 2018
LSO SPARKLES IN SEASON OPENER Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Walter Y. Murphy and Dr. Werner A. Linz. Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 marked the opening performance of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s 2018-2019 season.  This concert, titled The Beginning, was dedicated to the memory of two great men, who’s leadership and guidance has been vital to the existence of the LSO. Through the kind words from LSO president, Kaye Minchew, Dr. Walter Y. Murphy and Dr. Werner A. Linz were officially recognized, before the concert, for their tremendous contribution to the organization.  Both men put great effort into the success of the Symphony since the very beginning. It was in their memory and with tremendous gratitude that the concert was dedicated. Both of the honoree’s wives were in the audience and were applauded for their significant role in the accomplishments of their late husbands.
LSO-2017-18 Concerts 750x6006
The World’s Embrace April 24, 2018
LISTENING LARGE The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra set a new record during Tuesday’s season finale.  This concert had the greatest number of adult musicians ever for a regular instrumental LSO concert!  This concert, titled The World’s Embrace, which included both Mendelssohn and Mahler works, required seventy-seven (77) musicians.  How special and fitting for a grand finale, which closes a truly remarkable season with this record-breaking ensemble.
LSO-2017-18 Concerts 750x6005
Embrace Life March 20, 2018
A SPLENDID SELL OUT! Performing for a sold-out Callaway Auditorium, under the direction of LSO music director and conductor Dr. Richard Prior, the stage at the Embrace LIFE concert was full of youthful enthusiasm. It was the first day of Spring and this concert, just like the weather, came in like a lion. Beginning with the annual side-by-side, the LaGrange Symphony and the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra, filled the space with music that was high-spirited and dramatic.  The LSYO studies under the direction of Celeste Myall and these students were very well prepared to perform Antonin Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance in G minor. Although in a minor key, this music has an enormous amount of positive energy.  From the first phrase, the great variation in intensity and feeling made it alive and vibrant. Just as dancers need to stay on their toes through this piece’s twists and turns, so do the musicians.  If you haven’t experienced the annual side-by-side in LaGrange, you are missing out.  As these young artists gain experience and mentoring, the audience is rewarded with excellent musical entertainment.  This Slavonic Dance by Dvorak will be hard to top next year, it was that good!
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Embrace the Spirit of the Season December 12, 2017
“Music I grew up with”, “This was truly a fun evening” THE “EMBRACE THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON” CONCERT – VIBRANT! Holiday spirit was plentiful as friends and families gathered for this colorful LSO concert with guest artists Jason Coleman, grandson of Floyd Cramer, Meagan Taylor, great-niece of Chet Atkins, and the Young Singers of West Georgia.  Everyone in the audience seemed to know each other as multiple groups used this opportunity to have a holiday outing together with the people they enjoy.  Many were dressed in red, green, silver, and gold holiday colors, and I saw at least one Santa hat in the audience.  The LSO were dressed in their formal tuxedos but, from where I was sitting, I could see some fun red and green socks that made me smile.
LSO-2017-18 Concerts 750x6002
Embrace the Classics November 7, 2017
The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra served up a heart-warming “CLASSICS” concert with two works by Beethoven and the wonderfully famous Piano Concerto by Edvard Grieg.  This was a rare opportunity to hear Beethoven’s Overture to the Creatures of Prometheus and Symphony No. 1, which are both great pieces that are often undervalued for live performances. First on the menu was the Prometheus Overture that was both full and delicately flavored.  This is not a very long piece, but it has great variance and juxtaposed passages that amazingly translate into a strong, confident, melodious work.  There was nothing timid about it, and the LSO excelled at its vigorous changes in energy.
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Embrace the Silver Screen, September 26, 2017
It’s no wonder that the LSO’s “Embrace the Silver Screen” concert has been the talk of the town.  This uplifting and exciting  concert, under the direction of Richard Prior, had power and punch that just made you say, “Oh, Wow!”  Composer, John Williams has scored well over 100 films and this concert was a celebration of his work.  The lobby was buzzing with a diverse crowd of all ages.  How terrific to see this level of enthusiasm spanning generations.  For many it was truly a family affair and a great introduction to live orchestral music.
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EARTH – April 25, 2017

EARTH CONCERT, BALANCED AND NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s 2016/17 season was topped off with a fantastic grand finale concert entitled EARTH, last Tuesday.  This…

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WATER – March 21, 2017

LSO “WATER” CONCERT – ADVENTUROUS Flowing through Callaway auditorium Tuesday March 21st, 2017 was the fourth concert in the Elemental Forces series entitled WATER.  This concert…

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LIGHT – December 13, 2016

LSO “LIGHT” CONCERT – BRILLIANT, DIVERSE, AND JOYFUL “My Favorite Concert yet”  “Loved it!”  “Terrific” It was a dark and rainy night in LaGrange, Georgia…

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FIRE – November 1, 2016

A HOT NOVEMBER NIGHT FOR LSO FIRE CONCERT! Presented with fond memories, and in celebration of the life of BOB CULBRETH, who has been a longtime member of…

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AIR – September 27, 2016

AIR – LAGRANGE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA “perfectly beautiful” A considerable audience gathered for the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra 2016/17 Season opening concert entitled “AIR”. The first in…

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Passion & Power – April 2016

“A truly Grand Finale!” The LSO April concert, PASSION & POWER, was appropriately named.  Performed with intense feeling and strength, this concert was indeed a GRAND…

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Variations – March 2016


Gary Motley
PoPs – January 2016

The weather was incredibly cold outside. Everyone was bundled up in massive winter coats, but January 23rd was warm and toasty inside Callaway Auditorium. The PoPs…

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Holiday Presence – December 2015

FULL HOUSE, FULL STAGE, FULL HEARTS, FULL EVENING December 15, 2015 marked the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Celebration with Holiday Presence. Performed in front of a sold-out…

LSO-2015-16 Web 750x6002
Legends of Fire – November 2015

Legends of Fire was not for the faint of heart! “Expressive & Exciting” “Thrilling Dynamics!” These were a few comments made after the LSO’s November performance, which is the…