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LSYO Spring Concert Excellent

LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra 2024

Great Music and Seniors Honored

Six seniors will graduate from the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra this year! (More on that later in this post.)

Around the World

This past Monday, the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra (LSYO) and the String Ensemble gave their Spring concert “Around the World”. What a great event! The repertoire and the delivery were terrific. Many commented on how adept these students were. If you recall, the LSYO performed with the professional LaGrange Symphony Orchestra (LSO) on March 19th at the INSPIRE concert. [ You can read more about that concert HERE. ] There will be a video snippet from this Side-By-Side performance of The Code coming out soon! Watch for it!

At this “Around the World” concert, these young musicians had great tone, blend, and dynamics. The quality was quite remarkable for both the String Ensemble and the LSYO.

Around the World
String Ensemble
Around the World
String Ensemble
Around the World
Around the World

Guest Artists

There was an added bonus to the concert. One piece, Las Mariposas Exoticas (Exotic Butterflies) incorporated the Troup County School System (TCSS) High School Honors Orchestra.  The resulting performance from the combined students was delicate and light. An appropriate depiction in sound for this piece! The expressive capabilities of all the students was impressive.

Around the World
TCSS High School Honors Orchestra members are in orange shirts

Here is the program order identifying which groups were playing

Belvedere Suite*  by Merle J. Isaac – String Ensemble

Allegro from Symphony No. 17  by W.A. Mozart/ Arr. Campbell – String Ensemble

Four Royal Dances* by Eric Ewazen – LSYO

Las Mariposas Exoticas (Exotic Butterflies) by Doug Spata – LSYO with members of the TCSS High School Honors Orchestra

Little Russian March from Symphony No. 2 in C minor by P.I. Tschaikovsky/ Arr. Longfield – LSYO

Olympiad by Paul Whear – LSYO

The Code by Alan Lee Silva – LSYO

Theme from Jurassic Park by John Williams/ Arr. Higgins – combined String Ensemble and LSYO

Cotton Eyed Joe   Folk Tune/ Arr. Duncan – combined String Ensemble and LSYO

* Multiple Movement Works

The Directors

The Director of the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra is Michael Giel.
The Director of the String Ensemble is Sam Lee.


Between sections some students were recognized.  String Ensemble Director, Sam Lee, recognized his assistants, Ashlyn Endicott and Alyssa Endicott.

Ashlyn Endicott
Alyssa Endicott

Here is a slideshow of a lot more musician photos.

Left to right: Caleb Hwang, Ashlyn Endicott, Wesley Minicozzi (back), Alisa Lee (front), Max Zachry, and Jade Murray

During the LSYO section, Michael Giel, Director of the LSYO recognized the 2024 seniors of the group. This year there were six seniors! Ashlyn Endicott, Caleb Hwang, Alisa Lee, Wesley Minicozzi, Jade Murray, and Max Zachry. Congratulations to the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra Seniors! Thank you for such great memories.

The final bow

This was a great concert, and sad to think that this was last LSYO concert of the season. The audience gave them a well-deserved standing ovation. We look forward to next season and hearing more from the LSYO and String Ensemble!

LaGrange Symphony Guild
Synovus 2022-23 LSYO sponsor

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