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LSYO Spring Concert Photos

Graduating seniors LSYO

Beautiful Spring Concert

The LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra and String Ensemble’s spring concert was held at First Baptist Church on the Square Monday May 2, 2022.  (photos below) The String Ensemble presented their individual program first followed by the LSYO’s individual program.  The String Ensemble is conducted by Sam Lee, and the LSYO is conducted by Michael Giel.  Both groups were excellent in their musical abilities and in their stage presence.

In honor of Ms. Raylene Carter, the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra executive director, the Youth Orchestra presented a special piece which incorporated solos from senior LSYO member, Milly Criswell, harp and conductor Michael Giel, viola.  Since the conductor was facing the audience, the orchestra had to perform without the help of a conductor. The performance was excellent and the audience applause showed their great approval.

Finally, the String Ensemble joined the LSYO on stage for one final number. The combined groups were conducted by Mr. Giel, and sounded wonderful. It was the perfect grand finale for this very enjoyable spring concert.

The LSO is committed to enriching our community through music with cultural experiences, educational programs and performance opportunities. The LSYO and String Ensemble spring concert was a great opportunity to introduce young ones to the wonderful world of music. There were several potential up and coming musicians in the audience who have not quite reached the age requirement to begin lessons.  While we will miss our graduating seniors, we also welcome others to begin their musical journey with the LSYO. Any person interested in music lessons may contact the LSO office for more information. Click here to visit our LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestras page.


Here are a few photos from the evening.  Everyone was extremely proud of the performance of these fine young musicians.  This year, the group has four senior members who will graduate. They are Alayna Endicott, Elina Kim, Dontavious Reed, and Milly Criswell. You will see these four in the photographs with LSYO conductor, Michael Giel. Mr. Giel also recognized them during the concert.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this event a success.

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