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Podcast Features Bettie Biggs

Off the Podium

This week’s guest is Bettie Biggs on the LSO podcast, Off the Podium, with Maestro Richard Prior.  Ms. Biggs is the founder and artistic director of the Choral Society of West Georgia (CSWG).  The Choral Society is a multi-generational choir representing a rich cross section of the community population.  They have an impressive track record of successful and innovative community choral events.  You may recall that the LSO collaborated with the CSWG for the exceptional Christmas concerts in December 2018 (A Holiday Concert – click to read the review from that concert), and in December 2019 (Sounds of Peace – click to read the review from that concert).

In this Episode:

Listen to a conversation that touches on Bettie Biggs’ views about memorization and significant mentor influences as a young music student.  Hear about her experience with Robert Shaw and why the CSWG chooses to do their main celebratory concert just before the Thanksgiving holiday. This great discussion flows through years of experiences and observations,  describes a few of the many eclectic choral concerts her group has done, and ends with the exhilarating choral festival sponsored annually by the CSWG.  The “West Georgia Choral Festival” brings together singers from all over the West Georgia and East Alabama area.  The festival usually has around 250 participants who study with a guest clinician, and perform a concert at the end of the day.  To find out more, listen to this podcast and visit the CSWG website at https:/

This podcast is the last one for the calendar year 2020.  Happy Holidays to everyone!  Stay safe and stay-tuned for more great musical content coming your way from the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra in 2021.

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