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LSYO Rehearsal includes Social Distancing

These photos were taken last week as the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra (LSYO) found a way to practice together while still social distancing.  This year continues to strengthen everyone’s adaptability.

To achieve a quality sound in an orchestra, one key factor is blending.  Being able to blend with other instruments and adjust volume appropriately is something you have to hear and practice.  Trying to do that… is “virtually” impossible (sorry about the pun).  While it can be done with the right equipment and pain-staking setup, the reality is that normal speakers and microphones on home computers vary too much for this type of detailed practice.

Abiding by social distancing recommendations, with mandatory face-coverings, and being outdoors, the LSYO had a great practice.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the dedication of the LSYO musicians and director is commendable.  These young adults sounded wonderful.  We are very proud.

Find out more about the Youth Orchestra on their webpage HERE.


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