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First “Off the Podium” video-cast scheduled

Off the Podium - Tracey Woodard

Watch for the FIRST episode slated for upload the week of September 29th, 2020.  NEW this season, are video-cast conversations between Maestro Richard Prior and various members of the LSO family, including musicians, staff and patrons.  Entitled “Off the Podium” this collection of unhurried discussions will give you a peek into the lives of the interviewees. The first “Off the Podium” episode will feature Tracy Woodard, who is a musician in the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra and plays Violin II.

These podcasts will be uploaded to the LSO YouTube channel and will be available to watch at your convenience.  Keep an eye on social media or the LSO website for the announcement that a new episode is uploaded.  If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will get a notification.

LSO on YouTube:

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