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Virtual Season Opener-Full YouTube Concert

Celebration & Surprise

LSO – YouTube String Suites!

The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra will open its colorful fall season with a virtual concert on YouTube. “Celebration & Surprise” will release Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at 7:30 PM online.  It is free to enjoy on a computer or mobile device via the LSO YouTube channel.  The video is 40 minutes long, and you may watch this concert as many times as you like.

Filmed at the First United Methodist Church of LaGrange, this concert is all strings.  It is lovely, fresh, audibly rich and vibrant.  You will hear the string suites by Peter Warlock, Gustav Holst, and John Rutter performed by the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Richard Prior.  The number of musicians is scaled-down from a usual concert, but the music is dynamic and full. Beautifully captured, this film gives you multiple views with close ups, sectionals, and full group angles.

Remember, “Celebration & Surprise” is not available to watch until 7:30 PM on September, 28th.  It will be available to watch at any time after that release.  Tip: if you have good quality speakers or headphones, you will appreciate the detail captured in this recording and also what this venue can produce acoustically.

Music in the Sanctuary, LaGrange Symphony Orchestra at First United Methodist Church 2021

More Music in the Sanctuary

The fall concert series, which encompasses four concert events, is called Music in the Sanctuary. The opening concert (September 28th) is online on YouTube, but the remaining three concerts are live and in-person events. All four concerts are at First United Methodist Church of LaGrange.  One concert will be held in each of the remaining months of 2021.  The dates are October 12th, November 9th, and December 7th.  More information about this fall season and the upcoming concerts can be found on the LSO website’s 2021-2022 season page HERE. Join us!

How to access the video

LSO YouTube Logos

The link to LaGrange Symphony Orchestra’s YouTube channel is HERE.  On September 28th, you will be able to access the concert through links on social media, the LSO website, and directly on the LSO YouTube channel.

What is a YouTube channel?  A YouTube channel is like a web page that shows a listing of that entities videos.  The LSO YouTube channel is a collection of both LSYO and LSO videos.  If you like the video content, clicking the red SUBSCRIBE button is a way of showing support.  It lets the entity know that you appreciate their content. Do you have to subscribe to view the content?  No, but it’s polite to do so if you watch several of the videos. The button is also a kind of bookmark that will help you find the page again later. That is all it does and is comparable to the “Like” button on Facebook posts. While you are visiting the LSO YouTube channel, we hope you will click the SUBSCRIBE button, and let us know you appreciate it. Thank you!

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