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The Sixth

Sixth a country mile from Beethoven's Fifth

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F, op. 68, “Pastoral” will be performed on Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 by the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra (LSO). This concert begins at 7:30 PM at Callaway Auditorium in LaGrange, GA. The program also includes pieces by Rossini and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Good advice

If ever there was a time to nourish your soul with a live performance of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, it would be now. An auditory trip to visit some county-folk could be just the prescription you need. Who wouldn’t love a restorative experience? Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony “Pastoral” is a perfect match for this concert’s underlying nature theme. Here are the titles of the five movements of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6:

  • Awakening of happy feelings on arrival in the country
  • Scene by the brook
  • The merry making of country-folk
  • The storm
  • Hymn of thanksgiving

Within this wonderful concert, which is entitled COMMUNITY*, Beethoven is tastefully paired with Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie Overture), and Ralph Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending with guest artist, Kerren Berz, violin (a little more about Kerren below). With all of these compositions, you are sure to be transported to your own personal dreamy countryside. These are places where happiness is magnified and thankfulness is unforced. Savor it, life is short. Taking time to slow down and appreciate life’s moments is very good advice indeed.

A country mile?

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony is quite different from his Fifth – a country mile apart. Although the Fifth of Beethoven’s symphonies, is hands down the most well known and frequently played piece in classical music, you need to hear the beautiful Sixth!  Where the Fifth’s voyage is like a tempest, the Sixth visits the country with an appreciation of vistas and large expanses of pure open air. Where the Fifth’s opening four note sequence is commonly interpreted as “fate knocking at the door,” the serene Sixth reassures the listener with long passages of natural repeated patterns. Although polar opposites, the striking truth is that much of these two symphonies, Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth, were composed during the same time period!

Full LSO Concert on November 1st includes:

  • Rossini: La Gazza Ladra – The Thieving Magpie Overture
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending with guest artist, Kerren Berz, violin
  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 6

Guest artist, Kerren Berz

Having appeared as guest concertmaster with the LSO, Kerren Berz returns to our stage as soloist. In addition to serving as concertmaster of the Columbus Symphony, Kerren has worked with a diverse range of artists as a violinist and arranger, including Kristian Bush (Sugarland), and is featured on albums by Outkast, Goodie Mob, Pink, Sinead O’Connor, and on the hit single “Survivor,” by Destiny’s Child. Kerren is also a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The Season*

LSO Concert November 1, 2022 The November 1st concert celebrates the second of the guiding principles of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, which is COMMUNITY. Each concert in the 2022/2023 season recognizes the importance of one of these principles. September recognized ARTISTRY, November – COMMUNITY, March – EDUCATION, and April – SUSTAINABILITY. We hope you will join us for each of these wonderfully programmed events.


Tickets are available through the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra box office. Contact the box office either through email or by telephone.

telephone: 706.882.0662


We look forward to seeing you on November 1st!  Thank you for supporting what you love. Thank you for supporting the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra!

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