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Dramatic Season Opener – Tuesday Sept. 24th!

LSO 2019-2020

As the new anniversary season opens, the pre-season offer of “season ticket-sets,” will end!  You have until Tuesday to take advantage of the significant savings that these ticket-sets give.  They are a pre-season offer of concert entrance, with the same seats guaranteed to all five concerts in this anniversary season.  After Tuesday, only individual concert tickets will be for sale.  Secure your season tickets.

Filled with DRAMA!

The anniversary season will open with some of the rarer gems from the silver screen, including Eric Coates’ music from 1955’s The Dambusters and Arthur Bliss’ march from the 1936 classic Things to Come. Both were lauded as composers of classical music as well as renowned film composers. The first half of the program also includes music from Pirates of the Caribbean, E.T., the beautifully lyrical Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission and of course, the main theme from Star Wars. The evening continues with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (used for the wonderful Disney classic of the same name) and concludes with a 100-year anniversary performance of Stravinsky’s electrifying Firebird Suite of 1919!

Very dramatic and sure to please.  A great opportunity to introduce someone new to LIVE Symphonic music.

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