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What is a “Side-by-Side”?

Side by side

During next week’s WATER concert, on Tuesday March 21st at 7:30PM, the LSO will incorporate into their program, Hoddinot: Investiture Dances, a side-by-side piece with the LSYO.  If you aren’t sure what this means, it is a professional mentoring experience for the youth in our community.  The members of the Youth Orchestra literally sit beside our professional musicians during one piece (usually the first piece) at our March concert.  Both the students and the professional musicians will play the same music, follow the same cues from the conductor, blend with the other instruments, and witness the same audience reaction.  This side-by-side has always impressed the audience with the level of the music and the intonation and delivery.  For the “Water” concert, the piece the students and professionals will perform is Hoddinot: Investiture Dances – both the Allegro and Presto sections.  It is one more way the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, and you, the audience, help to teach, encourage and prepare our young musicians.  Come see what it’s all about.


On March 27th at 7PM in Callaway Auditorium the LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra, along with the LaGrange Youth String Ensemble and the Strings Attached Musicians will perform their own concert. Celeste Myall is the LSYO Conductor and is Director of Educational Outreach, John Erdogan is LSYO Associate Conductor.  Callie Hammond is String Ensemble Conductor.