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“Musicians in Schools” Activity

A fun event for Fifth-graders in Troup County happened Tuesday January 24, 2017.  The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra sponsored a special musical appreciation session and invited all fifth grade students to hear it at Callaway Auditorium.  Music through the ages was discussed and demonstrated with a live string quartet consisting of Callie Hammond, Ela Tokarska, Sam Lee and Katie Truex.

The program was designed by Callie Hammond.  The coordination of the Musicians in Schools program is under the leadership of Celeste Myall, Director of Educational Outreach for the LaGrange Symphony.

Bach through present day composers

Beginning with Bach, who lived in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s, Callie talked, chronologically, about various composers.  She explained when they lived and gave insight into their personal lives. Many composers were highlighted and samples of their music were demonstrated to the delight of the audience.

She also talked about what it is like for musicians to play together and projected, on-screen, a sample of their combined music.  The discussion continued through present day and examples were played throughout the program by the quartet.  Most melodies were recognized by the students, but they were definitely not aware some were written hundreds of years ago.  As the program moved to more modern works, a favorite seemed to be the theme from Star Wars.

Strings Attached Program

As a bonus treat, members of the “Strings Attached” program played a song composed only seven years ago by Mark O’Connor that was called Boogie Woogie.  Completing the musical journey through time, the fifth grade”Strings Attached” students did a terrific job performing in front of their peers.   These students are only a portion of the 60 students involved in this program currently offered at four Troup County Elementary Schools and LaGrange Academy.

The filled auditorium gave a rousing round of applause and some seemed to be inspired by this program to try a musical instrument.  They were very attentive throughout the session.

All too soon it was time to say good bye.  This fun and educational presentation was given again later that day for more than 1,000 Troup County fifth grade students!