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The Art of Giving

Donation Event

WHO: The downtown arts organizations and museums (LaFayette Society for Performing Arts, LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, and Legacy Museum on Main) are partnering with a downtown food bank to keep meals on the table for seniors, children, singles and families across our community.

WHY: With each day, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic inflict more pain across our community. Countless workers are struggling with the impact of layoffs, furloughs and missed paychecks.

WHAT: A drive-thru food donation event. We are asking anyone who believes in the power of the cultural arts to overwhelm the food bank with your generosity!

WHERELaGrange Personal Aid Association, 300 Bull Street

WHEN: Wednesday, May 13, 10 am -12 pm

Raylene Carter, Laura Jennings, Shannon Johnson and Kerri Vice will greet you there!!

URGENT NEEDS: Canned meats, vegetables, fruit and soup

Especially urgent because the US Postal Service’s annual canned food drive set for Mother’s Day weekend had to be cancelled.


Thank you, for helping our community in this worthy cause.  Just like art, generosity is a beautiful thing.




Reflecting on the 2019/20 Season

Sounds of Drama

Sounds of Dance


Sounds of Peace

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Sounds of Storytelling

.Ronald Sachs

Sounds of Home

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Sounds of PEACE

Here are a few snapshots from the Holiday Concert.
May your holiday be filled with Peace, Love, and Harmony.

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Sounds of DANCE

Here are pre-concert photos backstage, along with a few Patron snapshots before the lights dimmed:

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Sounds of DRAMA

Here are photos of a few of the beautiful people who attended this concert:

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2020 YAC Poster

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Young Musicians

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Celebrating our 30th Anniversary Season 2019-2020!  

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