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Musical Programming offered Free.

Special musical programming via Radio and YouTube for 2020/21.

A Season Nostalgic and New!

  1. A weekly, one-hour radio show entitled “The Joy of the Orchestra” hosted by the LaGrange Symphony’s Richard Prior (tuning-in specifics are below) will feature an exciting array of orchestral music brought to life with commentary by our Maestro. He will give insights into the selections which include historical background, musical nuances and other elements for which to listen. With an even deeper and richer understanding of the music, you will experience and enjoy these works in a whole new light! The show will focus on live recordings from LSO concerts as well as performances by other notable orchestras.
  2. Weekly Video Podcasts.  The video podcasts entitled “Off the Podium” feature conversations between Maestro Richard Prior and members of the LSO community, including musicians, staff and patrons. These are casual conversations around the importance of music in their lives – the influences, passions and ways in which they seek and engage with music. You may not be aware of some extraordinary things our musical family members do in their lives! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our musicians – and more – in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.


Radio Shows: Tune your radio to WELR Eagle 102.3 FM.  [For internet radio, try the handy button at the bottom of this page FIRST.  If that doesn’t work for you, then go to and click “WELR Listen Live” then choose the top option of Eagle 102.3 (if it looks like nothing happened, you may need to click the download at the bottom of your internet window, and choose which media player to use) or download the Tunein app on your phone/tablet and search for WELR.]

Beginning our second series on March 18th, reserve Thursday nights at 8:00 PM for The Joy of the Orchestra with the LaGrange Symphony’s Richard Prior radio show. A wonderful new episode will air each Thursday night running through May 6th, 2021.

Video Podcasts: Starting at the end of September 2020, a new Off the Podium podcast will be uploaded to our LSO YouTube channel weekly until the week of Christmas.


Watch and listen via a computer or a smart phone. There are several ways to find these interviews, the easiest will be clicking links that will appear on our website and in social media. They will also appear in our NEWS feed.  YouTube can be accessed through an app or simply through a search engine. By subscribing to our free channel, you will get notifications when a new interview is uploaded.

We hope you will embrace this opportunity for a different type of musical adventure. You can still share this time with your friends. Whether you listen in your automobiles, at home, or even take part in a discussion via skype, we would LOVE to hear how you choose to listen along with the rest of the audience.

Spread the word and tell all your friends to
Stay Tuned with the LaGrange Symphony!

The Joy of the Orchestra with LaGrange Symphony’s Richard Prior
Thursday Night's at 8:00 PM (Eastern) WELR 102.3FM