Callaway Auditorium

Home of the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra

The LSO is the symphony in residence at LaGrange College

In 2005, with the Auditorium’s transformation from a “gym with a stage” to a state-of-the-art concert hall, LaGrange College and the surrounding community were generously provided with a superb music performance facility. Funded jointly by Callaway Foundation, Inc., and LaGrange College, the $5.5 million renovation called for an almost complete internal makeover and a new roof. Yet the most dramatic improvement was the superior sound quality the Auditorium now delivers.

In addition to the sparkling acoustics of the hall, patrons of this auditorium will also enjoy the following features:

      • 740 armchair seats and 32 box seats

      • a stage extended by 20 feet and surrounded by maple panels

      • an acoustical shell formed by curved walls and ceilings

      • theatrical lighting

      • acoustical curtains that can be deployed or retracted

      • 2 dressing rooms

      • concession and ticket areas • modern restrooms

      • a lobby that preserves familiar features from the original building

      • ample parking convenient to the hall

We hope you find the new Callaway Auditorium, home to the LSO, as aesthetically pleasing and as acoustically exciting as we do.

Callaway Auditorium

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