LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra

LSYO – Orchestra Opportunities for Young People

The LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra provides rich training and performance opportunities for high-school aged musicians, while the LSYO String Ensemble and Piccolo String Ensemble serve children 5 to 13 years of age. Aspiring young musicians can pursue their musical dreams with weekly rehearsals, weekly wind sectional rehearsals and monthly string sectional rehearsals.

Directed by professional musicians, provide these young musicians with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of performing in a symphonic group. Their progress and achievements are showcased at concerts held each fall and spring. Other performance opportunities are provided for small ensembles throughout the year.

LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra

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Here are a few videos from LSYO students.  Stay in contact with us and each other!  Let’s stay connected and encouraged through our current stay-at-home situation, and into the future.  LSYO students are the best.  More videos are added every week.

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November 2019 Concert

Here is the official poster from the November Concert. 




The LSYO Spring Concert 2019 was a Huge Success!

Here are some photos from this concert that included the following performance groups:  The LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra, LSYO String Ensemble, Strings Attached, and String Sprouts.  Congratulations to all of these musicians, and thank you for a great concert.

Concert DVD’s are $10 and are available for LSYO Students only.  

Use the secure link below.  Click the button, which takes you to PayPal’s transaction service.  There you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.  For now, it will look like a donation, but rest assured, it is your payment.  Where it says to add special instructions, be sure to type your child’s name, and the word “DVD”. Thank you.

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March 2019 Side-by-Side Impressive with the “Evening of MOZART” Concert!

March 2019

Under the watchful eye of LSYO director, Celeste Myall, students performed with the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Richard Prior.

Read the full review from this concert on the 2018/19 Reviews page HERE.

We are so proud of these students.  Each year they continue to impress the audience with their musical abilities. The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra provides several programs for youth musical education.  The students work hard for the privilege to play in the side-by-side.  Combining that with the dedication of their teachers, and the wonderful direction of LSYO conductor Celeste Myall, LaGrange has a winning combination.

The LSYO Fall concert was a “terrific performance”

November 13, 2018 in Callaway Auditorium

This concert was dedicated to the memory of
Judy Boggus and Betti Martin.

Here are a few snapshots from this very successful event.


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Here is our Official Poster:  You can click on the image to see the large scale version.

Spring 2018 Side-by-Side event gets rave reviews with “Embrace LIFE” concert!


Read the full review from the “Embrace LIFE” concert HERE.  The LSO is very proud of our Youth Orchestra and is honored to be able to provide performance opportunities for our young musicians.  The Side-by-Side is an annual event, usually the first piece of our regular season March concert, where youth orchestra members get mentoring and performance experience.  They play professional level music sitting side-by-side our seasoned musicians.  This has proven to be very valuable for their music education.

There are also numerous photos from this concert on the review page in the link above.


LSYO Spring Concert – Very Impressive!

Tuesday March 27, 2018 marked the LSYO Spring Concert Event!


Playing were:

LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra!

LaGrange Youth String Ensemble!

Strings Attached Musicians!

NEW* String Sprouts!


Beginning with a full stage and a combined ensemble to play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, the concert progressed through individual performances of the separate groups.  All were very impressive and conveyed the work these kids have put into learning their instruments and the numerous pieces of music included in the program.  Culminating with the LSYO playing Antonin Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance in G minor, the entire concert was a huge success.

Thank you to all the families and friends who filled the auditorium and have supported the efforts of these kids.  Also many thanks to their teachers.  The LSO String Project instructors include: Callie Hammond, Celeste Myall, Sam Lee, Katie Truex, Marcia Taber, Ela Tokarska, and Ina Petkova-Apostolova.

Here is a look at our official poster for the Spring 2018 concert:

LSYO Spring Concert 2018


Click on the image of the poster to see a full resolution pdf version.

Here are some photos from the Spring 2018 LSYO Concert:


Here are some photos from the Spring 2017 LSYO Concert:




CONCERT a SUCCESS! – with record crowd!

7:00 PM Callaway Auditorium, LaGrange, Georgia

Playing were:

LaGrange Symphony Youth Orchestra!

LaGrange Youth String Ensemble!

Strings Attached Musicians!


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Thank you Kid’s Zone
for sponsoring our fall performance.


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